Feb. 13th, 2008

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Many things happened on the weekend. I'll start with Friday.

Friday eve we played DnD with our regular group, out at Ipswich. We are this >< close to levelling, hurrah! Which will be awesome. Two of our players will finally be level zero characters (damn character level adjustments), and I will be a Level Two Cleric, and thus get more interesting (and, well, more) spells. Yay.

After that (around midnight) we were both so hyped on caffiene that we decided to attend the other gathering that was occuring that evening - a movie/general craziness night out at manly. I rang to make sure it was still going, and was asked for a movie suggestion - we suggested Flight of the Navigator, which we were informed was not there. Oh well. We drove out there, without getting lost, and met up with The Sarah and Rick and nelyx. We arrived near the end of the Rocky Horror Show, which is *still* a damn weird movie. We then went to the DVM domes and had an awesome time climbing around and stargazing. Some random normals came along, but were scared off by our geekiness in short order. After getting back to the house, we perused the DVD collection, and lo and behold, found Flight of the Navigator. I was feeling rather sleepy, so spent most of the movie snoozing on steve's lap. We got home around 6am.

Saturday we slept a lot. After sleeping, we went and saw the motor show, which was ... hrm. Not bad, but lacking in some respects. Once we'd toured the stands, and had coffee courtesy of Mazda, we went to Vroom on James St for food, before heading off to humbug to hear Clinton's LCA wrap-up talk. I napped on the tables, mostly, and read a book, as I was still rather tired. We got home early (for a humbug night) as we had plans for the following day ...

Sunday was a road trip. The original plan was Brisbane -> Yatala -> Nimbin -> Brisbane. This ... changed. A lot. The actual route was more like this:
Brisbane -> Yatala -> Tweed Heads (via gold coast 'highway') -> Nimbin -> Lismore -> Coraki -> [bunch of flyspeck nowhere places] -> Bangalow -> Byron Bay -> Brisbane

The flyspeck nowheres were due to a GPS unit saving us a grand total of about 1km by not taking the highway. I hate GPS units.

The round trip, all up, was probably around 600km or so. Which is about how much driving I usually do in a fortnight. Ouch. However, when we got back to brisbane, there was gelati from Brunswick st, which was awesome, and made up for a lot.

Tweed heads was cool. I've never been there before, to my knowledge. There are photos on the internets of hugs being exchanged across the border and such.

My ABS chatters a lot when it kicks in. Yay for good brakes and not having a 6-car pileup.

Nimbin was ... peculiar. Those stories about getting offered drugs all the time? They're true. I think I was slightly stoned from the fumes by the time we left.

Lismore needs more signs.

The back roads of northern NSW could do with a few more signs (such as, HIGHWAY THAT WAY --> ) too.

I was getting seriously concerned about running out of petrol ... I normally only get about 450km out of a tank, and I was sitting on 620km when we finally found a service station. Still, it's nice to know that long-distance driving is pretty efficient.

Byron Bay fails at chocolate. Although wins at gelati. I like the shops on Lygon St better, though. Sigh.

So, epic weekend. Whilst I think a weekend off would be interesting, I doubt I'm going to get one this week - looks pretty packed out. Ah well, at least I'm unlikely to get bored :)
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So I've had some pretty bad stuff happen over the years. I need to write about it, amongst other things, but I don't want it out there for all the world to see. I've created a brainfuck filter. Comment if you'd like to read/comment on stuff in there. I would appreciate it.

Some of it's not very nice, and may venture into TMI territory.


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