Feb. 20th, 2008

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It's been a fun week.

Monday was pretty standard. Failed to injure myself at personal training, which was good.

Tuesday and Wednesday were uneventful, except that the bastard housemates stole my icecream. A note was left inside the tub this time - we'll see if that works.

Thursday I had an aromatherapy session, where I learnt that I am feeling tired, low, and otherwise not so hot. Really, ya think? Anyway, it was fun, and now I have a few essential oils I intend to make good use of, as soon as I get an electric burner. Anyone know where I can find a reasonably-priced good one?

Steve took me out to Two Small Rooms on Thursday night. It was ... well, not bad. But I think I much prefer Bespoke, Joseph Alexanders and Isis. We went to Onyx for cocktails and jazz after dinner, which was pretty good - they have a new cocktail list, hurrah. Although my favourite bartender - the guy with the dreads - wasn't on, pouty. Oh well, a good night.

Friday was ... friday. Went out to 3 monkeys to see a friend up from canberra, and catch up with other friends :) It was awesome. We bailed around 11.30pm, because I was trashed and staggering. Very, very tired.

On saturday, we cleaned up the house a bit, and had a BBQ with a similar group of friends. It was a good night, with strange beer which is now looking for a home. I really need to talk to those people more than once every six months ... sigh. I suck at keeping in touch with people.

Sunday was a lazy day, as I came down with a lurgy. Sore throat, muscle soreness, occasional fever, headache. It sucked. I spent most of the day sleeping and/or reading. Wanted to knit, didn't feel up to it, boo.

Monday I called in sick to PT, because yeah. Like hell with the way I was feeling. Tidied up the house a bit, blah. Felt yuck.

Tuesday I decided not to go down the coast - too tired, too sick, and I realy didn't want to overnight in case it got worse and I had to do my sleeping-upright trick. Got a call from the day spa I have a (fantastically cheap) deal with - they're moving to goodna :( So they wanted to know if I could come in before they moved and get stuff. I said, sure, and got a body wrap and foot massage. They still owe me a hand massage, but that's okay. I'm sure I'll get that done soon. It made me feel lovely all over. I cooked a roast for dinner, even. That was good. Need to do that more often, I think.

Today is O-day at UQ. I was going to help out with the humbug stall, but last night ... well, I woke up every 10 min to blow my nose, except when I woke up with a nightmare. I really dislike nightmares. A lot. I couldn't sleep for half an hour after that, I was too scared. Sometimes, the ability to resume a dream after a brief period of wakefulness is incredibly cool, and sometimes, it really, really isn't. Last night was one of the latter.

Hopefully I'm over the worst of this cold.


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