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Eight years ago today, Stephen and I started dating.

My, how time flies.
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So there is more stuff. Kitchen Stuff.

behind here )

Hooray for less stuff.
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and as part of that, we've got some stuff we want to give away. It's being posted here, and a couple other places, and is fair game for whoever asks. We'll be taking the computer gear to humbug, and donating the other stuff to charity if there's anything left.

The list is behind the cut ... )

I'll be adding more stuff as we go through. At the moment, this is just one room of the house. No prizes for guessing which one ;P
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So, we got the place we applied for yesterday. Which means we'll be moving on the 7th or the 8th of April.

We need to get packed. I have some boxes courtesy of a handsome young man, and will be getting more soon. We also want to move just about every we own into the garage so it's easy to move it. We're going to attempt to sort things so that we've gone through and thrown out/made a give-away pile before then.

I'm looking for help putting our kitchen, our library, and most of our office into boxes. And move furniture downstairs, on Sunday next week, from about 1pm.

I'm looking at doing a lunch of pizza (pizza hut and domino's are up the road), or we could explore the culinary experience of the nearby indro food court, if people prefer. In the area is also a red rock noodle bar, a subway, and maccas. Other suggestions welcome :)

Please let me know via email, mobile, or reply here.
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So, depending how things go, we may be moving next week. Depending, of course, on rental applications, which are ... interesting. Very interesting.

Which is going to total my weekend. Because now I have to pack. My life needs to go into boxes. And I seemingly have a rather full life.


Well, I guess I'll just have to see what happened with the application I put in today.
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Thus far, this month has been unilaterally bad.

1. My first ever car accident. I forgot about a pole momentarily, and now the car is being repaired. Should get it back tomorrow or Thursday.

2. The house was burgled overnight. We lost an ipod, a mobile, a laptop - and a full set of house keys. The forensic guy came at 4.30pm, just that little bit too late to get a locksmith in, so that's happening tomorrow morning first thing.

3. The body corp guy wants the plasterer to fix the ceiling on Sunday, because apparently it's urgent. If it's urgent, fuckwit, why has the hole been there since December? Doesn't sound 'urgent' to me.

Hopefully, this is all the bad shit I'm due this year, and it's all over with. I think life is about due to look up.

By the way - I'm thinking of moving house soon. Seems like a good idea. May need some assistance - paid for with hugs and appropriate refreshments (lunch/dinner/caffiene/snacks/etc), plus warm fuzzies for doing a good deed. Stay tuned for details.
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It's been a fun week.

Monday was pretty standard. Failed to injure myself at personal training, which was good.

Tuesday and Wednesday were uneventful, except that the bastard housemates stole my icecream. A note was left inside the tub this time - we'll see if that works.

Thursday I had an aromatherapy session, where I learnt that I am feeling tired, low, and otherwise not so hot. Really, ya think? Anyway, it was fun, and now I have a few essential oils I intend to make good use of, as soon as I get an electric burner. Anyone know where I can find a reasonably-priced good one?

Steve took me out to Two Small Rooms on Thursday night. It was ... well, not bad. But I think I much prefer Bespoke, Joseph Alexanders and Isis. We went to Onyx for cocktails and jazz after dinner, which was pretty good - they have a new cocktail list, hurrah. Although my favourite bartender - the guy with the dreads - wasn't on, pouty. Oh well, a good night.

Friday was ... friday. Went out to 3 monkeys to see a friend up from canberra, and catch up with other friends :) It was awesome. We bailed around 11.30pm, because I was trashed and staggering. Very, very tired.

On saturday, we cleaned up the house a bit, and had a BBQ with a similar group of friends. It was a good night, with strange beer which is now looking for a home. I really need to talk to those people more than once every six months ... sigh. I suck at keeping in touch with people.

Sunday was a lazy day, as I came down with a lurgy. Sore throat, muscle soreness, occasional fever, headache. It sucked. I spent most of the day sleeping and/or reading. Wanted to knit, didn't feel up to it, boo.

Monday I called in sick to PT, because yeah. Like hell with the way I was feeling. Tidied up the house a bit, blah. Felt yuck.

Tuesday I decided not to go down the coast - too tired, too sick, and I realy didn't want to overnight in case it got worse and I had to do my sleeping-upright trick. Got a call from the day spa I have a (fantastically cheap) deal with - they're moving to goodna :( So they wanted to know if I could come in before they moved and get stuff. I said, sure, and got a body wrap and foot massage. They still owe me a hand massage, but that's okay. I'm sure I'll get that done soon. It made me feel lovely all over. I cooked a roast for dinner, even. That was good. Need to do that more often, I think.

Today is O-day at UQ. I was going to help out with the humbug stall, but last night ... well, I woke up every 10 min to blow my nose, except when I woke up with a nightmare. I really dislike nightmares. A lot. I couldn't sleep for half an hour after that, I was too scared. Sometimes, the ability to resume a dream after a brief period of wakefulness is incredibly cool, and sometimes, it really, really isn't. Last night was one of the latter.

Hopefully I'm over the worst of this cold.
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So I've had some pretty bad stuff happen over the years. I need to write about it, amongst other things, but I don't want it out there for all the world to see. I've created a brainfuck filter. Comment if you'd like to read/comment on stuff in there. I would appreciate it.

Some of it's not very nice, and may venture into TMI territory.
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Many things happened on the weekend. I'll start with Friday.

Friday eve we played DnD with our regular group, out at Ipswich. We are this >< close to levelling, hurrah! Which will be awesome. Two of our players will finally be level zero characters (damn character level adjustments), and I will be a Level Two Cleric, and thus get more interesting (and, well, more) spells. Yay.

After that (around midnight) we were both so hyped on caffiene that we decided to attend the other gathering that was occuring that evening - a movie/general craziness night out at manly. I rang to make sure it was still going, and was asked for a movie suggestion - we suggested Flight of the Navigator, which we were informed was not there. Oh well. We drove out there, without getting lost, and met up with The Sarah and Rick and nelyx. We arrived near the end of the Rocky Horror Show, which is *still* a damn weird movie. We then went to the DVM domes and had an awesome time climbing around and stargazing. Some random normals came along, but were scared off by our geekiness in short order. After getting back to the house, we perused the DVD collection, and lo and behold, found Flight of the Navigator. I was feeling rather sleepy, so spent most of the movie snoozing on steve's lap. We got home around 6am.

Saturday we slept a lot. After sleeping, we went and saw the motor show, which was ... hrm. Not bad, but lacking in some respects. Once we'd toured the stands, and had coffee courtesy of Mazda, we went to Vroom on James St for food, before heading off to humbug to hear Clinton's LCA wrap-up talk. I napped on the tables, mostly, and read a book, as I was still rather tired. We got home early (for a humbug night) as we had plans for the following day ...

Sunday was a road trip. The original plan was Brisbane -> Yatala -> Nimbin -> Brisbane. This ... changed. A lot. The actual route was more like this:
Brisbane -> Yatala -> Tweed Heads (via gold coast 'highway') -> Nimbin -> Lismore -> Coraki -> [bunch of flyspeck nowhere places] -> Bangalow -> Byron Bay -> Brisbane

The flyspeck nowheres were due to a GPS unit saving us a grand total of about 1km by not taking the highway. I hate GPS units.

The round trip, all up, was probably around 600km or so. Which is about how much driving I usually do in a fortnight. Ouch. However, when we got back to brisbane, there was gelati from Brunswick st, which was awesome, and made up for a lot.

Tweed heads was cool. I've never been there before, to my knowledge. There are photos on the internets of hugs being exchanged across the border and such.

My ABS chatters a lot when it kicks in. Yay for good brakes and not having a 6-car pileup.

Nimbin was ... peculiar. Those stories about getting offered drugs all the time? They're true. I think I was slightly stoned from the fumes by the time we left.

Lismore needs more signs.

The back roads of northern NSW could do with a few more signs (such as, HIGHWAY THAT WAY --> ) too.

I was getting seriously concerned about running out of petrol ... I normally only get about 450km out of a tank, and I was sitting on 620km when we finally found a service station. Still, it's nice to know that long-distance driving is pretty efficient.

Byron Bay fails at chocolate. Although wins at gelati. I like the shops on Lygon St better, though. Sigh.

So, epic weekend. Whilst I think a weekend off would be interesting, I doubt I'm going to get one this week - looks pretty packed out. Ah well, at least I'm unlikely to get bored :)
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In the last couple of weeks, interesting stuff has happened.

Gosh, this got long )
... and that pretty much covers it, I think.
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So, it's a new year.

I dyed my hair black yesterday. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Still seems like a good idea. There's photos on facebook.

Enjoyed my nye. Lots of hugs and stuff - always a plus.

I'll make a full post later on - for the minute, I'm tired as heck, and want sleeps.


Dec. 13th, 2007 08:54 am
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Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

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Six years today.

Awesome :) :) :)


Dec. 6th, 2007 10:42 am
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Today is full of suck and lose.

Again, I seem to have been on the recieving end of a highly unfortunate conjunction of circumstances.

I'm currently staying down the coast. There's good reason for this; a 170km round-trip commute does bad things to me, so I've got a room down here I overnight in when I'm at the office.

That's kinda sucky in and of itself, but that's not the major suck here.

This room comes supplied with furniture and linen. When I departed two weeks ago, I left the door unlocked, as the room was full of the scent of a gardenia flower (which, as it turns out, I'm allergic to) and I wanted to clear the air a bit. I left nothing in there that wasn't supplied except a water bottle and a box of tissues. Nothing valuable. Also, the windows don't open. This is annoyance the first.

I get in on Tuesday, and my pillow and blanket are missing. No big deal, really, as I BYO pillow anyhow, and it's summer, won't need a blanket. Not mine anyway. Annoying, because I then don't have anything to hug (I would have brought something had I known). I have no idea how long it's been missing, and I don't want it back without a laundering reciept - I have no idea who has been using either item, and don't care to cuddle up to such a thing that's been used by strangers anyway. This is annoyance the second.

So Tuesday night was (relatively) fine, and I was dealing well.

Last night, I drift off to sleep, with the aircon on 'fan', to give me a bit of ventilation. I wake up, around 11pm, freezing my bits off, as the aircon (as I discover when I stagger downstairs to figure out wtf is going on) is set to a balmy 19C. I reset it rather higher (24C) and go back to my room. I am rather sensitive to cold. Fortunately, I had a dry towel, a rug, and a jumper I could variously use for insulation, so I wrapped myself up and went to sleep. This is annoyance the third.

At this point, I am grouchy, but dealing.

I wake up, feeling sweaty, after dawn. I noticed that the aircon is no longer doing its thing. Being in the not-quite-functional state that I am, I throw off the rug and towel, but forget about the jumper. I wake up at 6am hot, in a hot, stuffy room. Annoyance the fourth.

Now, I'm really quite irritated by the whole deal.

Hopefully, the windows are getting fixed today, which means that most of the above annoyances will no longer apply. I don't think any one person was out to get me ... I think it was a combination of reasonably random, nonmalicious actions, on the part of a variety of individuals with no communication between them.

But I'm still rather down about the whole deal. *sigh*

Things are looking up, though - tomorrow is my sixth wedding anniversary. And I get hugs tonight.


Nov. 28th, 2007 08:52 am
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I'm at OSDC, currently quaking in my boots a bit, as I'm doing the opening chatter today. The last couple of days have been hectic - especially yesterday morning, we processed 140 registrations in about 40 minutes. That was ... fun. And frantic. No major disasters so far, network is up and running, wifi is working (mostly).

I've been to two talks - yesterdays keynote, where Rusty Russell extolled the value of C, and noted that there have been some really excellent C programmers over the years ... guido van rossem, larry wall, rasmus leodorf, matz .. twas a good talk. I also went to Arjen Lentz' talk on 'Getting things done', which was interesting; I'll have to read up on some of the techniques he recommended. The lightning talks were, as always, great fun. Last night I attended the Beer BOFH session for a short time, having a pint of cider down at the brewhouse.

I'm a bit stressed, and looking forward to letting my hair down a bit at the conf dinner tonight, relaxing and just having a chance to enjoy the conference.
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It occurs to me, in the leadup to OSDC, that I really need to work on my boundaries.

In the past, I've not so much had difficulty saying 'no', as making it stick. People don't like 'no', and often don't want to take it as an answer. Sometimes, they act as if you'd said yes, regardless of your consent.

I have problems with this. Compounded by the fact that I really, really hate repeating myself, this has led to some ... unfortunate circumstances, over the years.

The more immediate issue at hand is OSDC. Back in Feb/March, when a meeting was first called, I expressed my desire to be involved. At that stage, my help wasn't needed, it seemed, so I walked away and forgot about it for a while. This was fortunate, as other things in my life turned out to be somewhat pressing, and I was projected to be otherwise occupied during the major organisational phases.

A couple of months ago, I got a ping out of the blue, requesting me to do textiles for OSDC. The circumstances above had mostly disappeared or been postponed, so it wasn't too hard for me to work it in to my life, although stressful. It has been a valuable experience, and I've learnt a bit. But. It shows my inability to make 'no' stick.

I am hoping to learn to make 'no' stick over the next year.
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Oh well.

I've been organising shirts, bags, and stuff for OSDC. However, it's all t the printers, I no longer have any desire to shoot them or throw them from upper-storey floors, and I am planning a relaxing consumption of alcohol at some point in the not overly-distant future.

Life is going well.

Next week, since other various administrative things have come together, I'll be staying over down the gold coast overnight between days at the office. I am planning on taking my knitting, and a good book or three. I don't know if I'll have internet, though. *sigh*

In the week of the cursus electronicus, I blew up my keyboard. I now have a new ultimately wangtastic keyboard, the diNovo edge. It's lovely to type on, and since my laptop's keyboard has also given up the ghost, I've discovered that it's really good for typing on laps. It also has an integrated trackpad, which should help with my workday rsi.

Some kind person gave stephen and I a 20% borders voucher, which is awesome. I used it with extreme restraint, and only purchased a thai cookbook (the bright pink one), two novels and a present. Awesome. We also got a 10$ off voucher and 3/4 of the way to a 10% off card. W00t.

I am getting better at TF2. I find I do best as a heavy, as I'm not good at the aiming, so much, but I am very good at vaugely pointing and shooting, and ignoring the people that are shooting at me. It works best when I have a non-fickle medic.

24th of November is going to be very busy. BarCamp, election day, osdc stuffing day, afk lock-in night.

Yay for busyness!
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So, in my efforts to expand my cooking horizons, I made Lamb Rojan Josh for dinner last night. I used the (unquestionably authentic) women's weekly recipe, which turned out surprisingly well. The sauce was rich and yummy, the spice was hot, and it was exceedingly tasty. I made raita and naan and saffron rice to go with; all the meal really needed to finish it off was some kulfi, and maybe a beer.

The naan was really easy to make; the dough was nice and soft and easy to work, but not sticky, which helped. Sticky doughs are annoying. It sat in a corner and rose while I prepared the rest of dinner. Turns out the rising time for naan slots in nicely with the cooking time for the curry plus rice. My timing was a little off, due to never having done any of the above before. Next time I will:
a) make the raita in advance
b) put the rice on earlier, and remember to do the saffron first
c) heat the grill for the naan before turning it out for kneading and shaping
d) keep a better eye on the naan so it doesn't toast.

I am at a loss, though. Whilst the recipe involved onion and tomatoes (and cucumber in the raita), there wasn't much in the way of veges. I'm thinking perhaps trying a lamb saagwalla next, which at least has spinach in it. Or perhaps doing a vegtable korma as well? I would need to invite some people over, though, or eat it for the rest of the week - I don't think steve and I could eat two curries plus rice in a sitting :) Not fond of dhal, either. Hrm. This bears thinking about.


Oct. 25th, 2007 04:24 pm
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So, this week, apparently I suck at electronics.

From a spontaneous shutdown on Tuesday (when I was of course working remotely), I progressed to a mysteriously nonfunctional keyboard on Wednesday, to today's effort of hearing the microwave go 'pop' and cease to function.


Don't let me touch your gadgetry this week.
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So, I ended up stressed on Sunday for reasons various (no, it wasn't you. Or you either. Just a very bad random conjunction of things). And I had a reaction which I've not had for quite some time.

To wit, my left shoulder, near my T4 vertebrae, is now a mass of pain. Which is referring down to my elbow and pinky. And the tension has made its way up my spine to my neck, and is making a good effort at reaching my tailbone.

My right side is in its normal extremely tense (but not painful) state.

Anyone out there with strong hands and a lot of patience? Painkillers only go so far, and don't fix the source of the problem. And, plus, I'm not supposed to take them any more.
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