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So. Mondayitis.

The weekend was good. Steve and I tried to go jogging on Saturday, but I discovered my sports bra wasn't suitable. So I got a new one, for 30% off. yay me.

I spent most of the rest of saturday throwing out clothes. I now have (approximately) 160 litres of clothes to donate. Measured in litres because it's in two different-sized garbage bags, and I really wasn't keeping a record of exactly what went into them. Now, it is possible to put all my clothes away. Every last item. And I will be able to buy my own clothes this coming winter! I will have a reason to buy my own clothes for a change, due to not having enough. This is rather major for me.

That took up most of Saturday. So then it was Sunday.

Sunday we slept in a bit. Once we got up, I pottered around the house, cleaning up a bit. Our new landlord was going to coe visit, have a chat, that sort of thing, so I was trying to get at least some of the public areas in reasonable condition. After a while of that, I got bored, and with stephen's help, decided to make a cake.

We went down to the shops and tried to buy ingredients. According to the woolworths employee in the fruit section, we're out of lemons. This sucked, as I wanted to make a lemon cake. After some thought, it was decided to make an orange poppyseed cake instead, since I've done that one often enough to remember most of the ingredients.

..Most of them.

We got home, I looked up the recipe, and lo and behold, I'd forgotten a couple of things. Steve mowed the lawn and then had a shower before being a darling and ducking out to get what I forgot. During this, I cleaned out my pantry, fridge, bakingware and plastics cubpoards, throwing stuff out and tidying stuff up. I also got all the ingredients ready to go, so that when steve got back home (incidentally just after it started bucketing down), it was all ready to go. I creamed, mixed and combined, and popped the cake in the oven a few minutes before the landlord arrived. We had a nice chat.

A bit later on, the cake was cooked, and we'd recieved a dinner invitation. Once the cake was topped and cooling, steve and I went to park road for a coffee and then dinner with some lovely company (hi sarah!).

Then we went home, and had an early night's sleep. Which brings me to today.

My mood is very mixed at the moment.

Steve and I went jogging this morning, with new equipment. We're trying this: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml which is a program for easing into running. I was proud of myself for getting though the first workout. Hey, you never know, I may as yet get fit.

Right now, however, I feel kind of stressed. Work is a bit nuts at the moment (why, I don't know) and I'm going away next week to talk at OSDC, a talk which is as yet unwritten.

There's this grid stuff to do, a talk to write, and a few miscellaneous problems hither and yon to fix. I am a little tense, in much the same way as sunshine at midday in summer can be a little warm.

To top it all off, UQ stuffed up my reimbursment for my trip to Perth, so I'm quite a few hundred dollars short at a time when the car rego and insurance is due. We'll squeak by, and by the time the money comes in it will be a nice christmas present, but it's just another little thing I didn't want to have to deal with.


I've got Yoga tommorrow. And orange poppyseed cake. Life can't be that bad.


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