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Just when everything was going right .... neck pain and such aren't letting me sleep. Painkillers taken, waiting for them to kick in.

Oh well. C'est la vie. I have stuff to post about anyway.


Diet news: I have managed to purposely misplace another kilo, so I'm down to 63kg (that's from 72kg in late October). I wore my knee-high boots yesterday, because I could zip them up easily - first time *that's* happened in a while. Carrying my laptop to and from the office is getting easier too - I had to stop and check to make sure I actually had my laptop today, because my bag didn't feel heavy enough. I must be getting stronger or something.

On a related note, I've actually started feeling full and not-hungry after meals. That may not sound like a big deal, but it's a lifetime first for me. Up until the last couple of weeks, I have felt hungry all the time. Even right after a huge meal. All the time. Since I can remember. That dieting advice 'only eat when you're hungry'? Yeah. That's how I got up to 90kg a few years back. And since the way I feel hunger is to feel nauseous, and eating is the only thing that will settle it down ... dieting is somewhat of a challenge on many levels, really, and at the same time, simply an exaggeration of what happens every day. Oddly enough, I've never really been an emotional or boredom eater - sure, I'll have a bowl of icecream, a chocolate bar, or a cup of sweet tea when I'm upset, but it's rarely to the point of eating a whole packet of timtams, for instance. There have been notable exceptions. It is a really weird feeling to feel full or overfull after a meal, and not desire to eat more. For hours. And it doesn't have to be a buffet or anything - just a small meal. Really weird. A good feeling - just ... weird.

I've taken out a short-term gym membership at Zest. I've been going to classes and the like - BodyJam and BodyStep so far, and I'm looking at doing BodyPump too - it's supposed to be really good for bone density, which is an ongoing concern of mine (http://lesmills.com). The classes are fun, but as with any new activity, there's a bit of a learning curve. Fortunately, they've just released new routines, so I don't look totally uncoordinated - it's new to everyone. Yay for non-natural balance and coordination. I'd like to be able to go on the Glasshouse Mountain Adventure trip being run by uqsport (http://www.uqsport.uq.edu.au). The trip is at the beginning of May, and involves a day of hiking to the top of one Glasshouse mountain, and on the following day, doing a heap of rockclimbing and abseiling. I don't know if I will be fit enough by then, but I'm going to try my damndest. Which is my my Lenten sacrifice this year is to give up an hour a day and exercise. Religion has its uses. And speaking of things religious...

This weekend is going to be interesting. Steve and I are going on Scripture Union Camp Leaders Weekend. It's basically a weekend where we do the required training to be leaders, meet new leaders, that sort of thing. We haven't done one before, despite having been on the Director's training weekends since about 2001. Eh. Nothing like doing things in reverse order to confuse people.

Steve and I may have found a church, nearby us. It's Anglican, so shouldn't freak me out too much, and the minister seems intelligent, with well-thought-through sermons, and a sense of humor. And none of that stuff that so bothered me about AoG church - specifically the secondary sermon every blasted week about how those that give will be blessed etc. I don't mind putting on the collection plate - but being given a guilt trip every week about it gets me mad. >:( This new church doesn't do that. Yay!

Next weekend is St Patricks' Day. I plan to wear a green shirt and get free whiskey from people in irish bars. I found the perfect shirt in DJs on the weekend - pity it was $100. Of course, I also found a jacket that was just absolutely everything I could want in a jacket - soft leather, purple, fitted and flattering. The pricetag on that one, however, was $900. Needless to say, it's still in the store's possession. One day I will be able to afford that without looking at the price tag. One day.

Hmm, what else has been happening? Oh yeah. Work.

My boss walked into my office ... last week sometime? and announced "You're going to Hawaii in April." I was a little startled. So, apparently, I am going to Hawaii. Leaving on the 1st, returning on the 9th. For this: http://www.aces.org.au/ . Check out the list of past papers - I feel a little out of my league. I will be meeting world leaders in the field which I seem to be specialising in. OMG *awe*. *cough* *mutterevenifthesoftwareisaloadofpoorlywrittencrapmutter* ahem.

Other work stuff - I've been invited to apply for a scholarship to go to this: http://www.dma.unina.it/~murli/ISSGC06/
There's only one catch - I need to be enrolled in a research higher degree. Well, okay, two catches. That runs over the period where our lease expires. So I would come back to a house different to the one I left. So I'm considering fast-tracking my Phd application - I was going to start it in June-ish anyway, may as well start a month or two early. I need to talk to an academic advisor or something, though. Hmm. Might do that thursday.

I think that covers just about everything. Now, if I'd been sensible, I would have done a load of washing and used this time more productively. Oh well, I don't think I can be expected to think of such things this early in the morning. I have to be up in 3ish hours, so I think I'm going to go try garner what sleep I may...
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I just went through my journal entries from the last time I was dieting (2002, so quite some time ago). Interestingly enough, I think I'm a lot calmer, more stable, and less angsty this time around.

That could have something to do with not being clinicly depressed, not doing a thesis, working fulltime, and having an on-track life, except for the weight thing.

My goals are slightly different this time around - last time I was aiming to get down from 90 to 65 kilos, this time I'm aiming for from 72 to 58. Suprisingly enough, 58kgs is actually bang-smack in the middle of my healthy weight range. And given my body shape, it's unlikley that I'll look 'skinny' at that level.

Also, last time it had more of a self-confidence/appearance factor. This time it's based more around physical comfort. I simply am not comfy being this shape. It's not as comfy to sit, or lie down, when I have more wobby bits. It's not as comfy to wear a skirt. I can't wear heels. I'm more irritable in hot weather. I get sick easier. I have to buy more clothes, often. Those sorts of things. It's not that I think I'm unattractive, or that I should be closer to society's ideal body shape. I know full-well that there is at least one person in the world who considers me drop-dead gorgeous, no matter what shape I am, and his opinion means the most to me (hey honey! :) It is, however, blasted annoying when I can't fit into a particular shirt or dress. Yay for having convinience as a motivation.

It's also annoying that I regained the weight. Not suprising, though. I love food, and I'm not good at including exercise in my lifestyle on any regular basis. Oh well. I did start the process of losing the weight earlier this time - maybe I'm learning a little. Or maybe I'm too lazy to buy new clothes. Something like that.

Anyway, I have the coming fortnight off. The first week I'll be hanging around brisbane, so if anyone wants to meet up, give me a hoy (email, phone, comment, whatever). The second week I'm up at the sunshine coast, and may be a little harder to contact and meet with.

Hmm. I hope this diet is over by Christmas. Not likely, of course, given that there's about 8 weeks between now and then, and it's generally considered unhealthy to lose more than a kilo or so a week. I think I'll content myself with being down to the low 60s by Christmas, and my target weight by Australia Day. Maybe I'll even not gain it back for a while...a couple of years, anyhow.


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