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Yesterday I went to see the optometrist. As expected, I am getting new lenses and frames. What's not quite so expected is that I may also be getting contact lenses.

Turns out that I've stepped over the line from 'really myopic' to 'extremely myopic' and the prescription for my right eye is nonexistant in the high-index lenses I've been using for the last howevermany years. So I have to pay extra $$ to get a better lens. Oh well, c'est la vie. I'm also getting new frames because my new lenses will still be too thick for my current frames.

On the bright side, I'm not *that* much worse. So at least it's only *one* lens that has to be uberexy. The other is fine. And I do have private medical cover, so it's only going to cost me about $450, which is okay.

My optometrist also gave me a pair of contacts lenses to try wearing. I must say, it is an awfully odd sensation being able to see all the way around the edges - I haven't had peripheral vision like this for about 18 years, particularly not in the last 10 years, once my prescription started getting so thick I've had to go to smaller and smaller frames. And I keep hitting myself in the face trying to adjust my nonexistant glasses. I put them in and took them out a couple of times at the practice yesterday, just to make sure I could. It was amazing, being able to try on frames and actually *know* what they'd look like. I haven't been able to see myself in potential new frames since I was about 12, always having to take the word of someone with me that they looked good - and with how orthogonal my sense of style and my mother's are - that made me a little nervous. Even though I ended up trying on children's frames, it was exhilarating to be able to actually see myself in them and make an informed decision.

This next pair of glasses will have to last me a long while ... probably at least 5 years, possibly longer. I'm thinking of moving to contacts for most of the time, and wearing glasses as a backup (when I know I'm going to be out late, going swimming, etc).

My optometrist reckons that this may be the last pair of glasses, if I don't bash them up. I might be able to get laser eye surgery done when I'm about 30ish. It's always been the plan, of course, but now it looks like my eyes might be cooperating, which was a bit uncertain before.

I guess I have to buy sunnies now .. haven't done that since I was 6!


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