Mar. 27th, 2008

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So, we got the place we applied for yesterday. Which means we'll be moving on the 7th or the 8th of April.

We need to get packed. I have some boxes courtesy of a handsome young man, and will be getting more soon. We also want to move just about every we own into the garage so it's easy to move it. We're going to attempt to sort things so that we've gone through and thrown out/made a give-away pile before then.

I'm looking for help putting our kitchen, our library, and most of our office into boxes. And move furniture downstairs, on Sunday next week, from about 1pm.

I'm looking at doing a lunch of pizza (pizza hut and domino's are up the road), or we could explore the culinary experience of the nearby indro food court, if people prefer. In the area is also a red rock noodle bar, a subway, and maccas. Other suggestions welcome :)

Please let me know via email, mobile, or reply here.
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and as part of that, we've got some stuff we want to give away. It's being posted here, and a couple other places, and is fair game for whoever asks. We'll be taking the computer gear to humbug, and donating the other stuff to charity if there's anything left.

The list is behind the cut ... )

I'll be adding more stuff as we go through. At the moment, this is just one room of the house. No prizes for guessing which one ;P


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